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Headlights > 2 Headlight Vehicles > 34 LED Turn Signal/Park Light H4 Headlamps

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34 LED Turn Signal/Park Light H4 Headlamps

Choose Halogen or Xenon & Single or Dual Function LED's!!
Plus Add Relay Harness For Trouble Free Headlights! 


$198.00 $165.00 YOU SAVE $33.00

$ 165.00          Back

Normal Single Function LED's Included
Halogen H4 Bulbs Included
Add a Relay Harness


34 Amber LED Headlight Lamps 7"

* 7" Crystal Headlight with 34 Auxiliary LED.

* Replaces Existing Sealed Beam & H4 Headlights.

* 34 Amber LEDs with Clear Lens.

* Reinforced Multi-Surfaced.

* Aluminum Reflector, Anti-Vibration Design.

* Halogen Bulb: H4 12V 65/55W.

* LED's are Bright Even With High Beam On.

* Wiring Instructions Included.

* Can Be Used Just As A Turn Signal, Just As A Park Light Or Both At The Same Time.
(See Description of Single Function LED's Below)

ATTENTION: This Is An Aftermarket Auto Upgrade NOT An Original Equipment
Manufacturer (OEM) Part Which May Require Some Slight Modifications.

Modification That Maybe Needed For Headlight To
Fit All The Way In Your Buckets Shown Below.


Headlight Options:

Halogen or Xenon Bulbs.

Halogen Bulbs - Your standard average stock bulbs.

Xenon Bulbs - Gives a bright clear looking white light.

Single or Dual Function LED's.

Single Function - Each Side Of Light Has 17 LED's & Is wired Separately So You Can
Use half (17 LED's) For Running Lights And Half (17 LED's) For Your Turn Signals.
Or Wire All Together For Turn Signal Only or Running Light Only.

Dual Function - When You Add Dual Function LED's All 34 LED's Light Up At Once For
Your Running Light And Get Brighter For Your Turn Signals.

Headlight Relay Wiring Harness

Harness Fixes Many Problems Such As:

* Dim Headlights
* Flickering Headlights
* Malfunctioning When Using HI & Low Beams
* Back Feeding Power
* Over Loading The Headlight Switch
* Over Heating Plugs


Shorter Wiring = NO Voltage Drop
NO Voltage Drop = Bright Headlights
Bright Headlights = Safe & No Headache

Rodtiques Headlight Relay Harness Was Designed w/
Better, Newer, Shorter, Heavy Duty Wires & Relay
Directly Powered By The Battery For Maximum Brightness.

Video Below is w/ Optional Housing!
Housing NOT Included!